Rates and Insurance & Frequency of Sessions


I offer short or longer-term work. We will decide together how often you want to come and for how long. Many of my clients work through a specific situation where they tend to get stuck and only stay until they feel on top of a specific issue. Then they stop coming for months or years at a time until something else comes up that they want to work through with someone (sort of like coming in for a tune-up).


Other people have intentions and goals they are moving toward but there are many temptations which encourage them to stray back into old habits or addictions.  Some problems can be really hard to resist in the moment!  People struggling with these types of problems tend to come in on a more predictable schedule and perhaps for a longer periods of time.  Our regular conversations seek to remind them of what they want and what they don’t want and how to stay focused on their goals when old patterns try to derail them (this is like regular doses of medicine to keep your immunity up).  We will work together to develop what works for you and this can change over time as your needs change.


Sessions are normally 45 minutes long. I usually recommend a 75-minute session for the first session with a family. Although I have a standard fee, I prefer to discuss this with you when you contact me to set your initial visit. I do offer limited sliding scale appointments based on income and ability to pay. If you need a reduced fee, please let me know. If I am unable to accommodate your financial situation, I will try my best to assist you in finding appropriate referrals.


I will be happy to provide you with a monthly statement of services rendered (a superbill) if you wish to seek reimbursement from your insurance company.


It is advisable to contact your insurance company prior to the first session if you are seeking third party reimbursement and ask the following questions:

* What percentage of my bill will be covered for services obtained from an out-of-network provider?

* How many sessions will be covered per calendar year?

* What is my deductible?

* What is my co-payment?


I'm interested in hearing what brought you to therapy, and I'll do my best to let you know whether I think I can be of assistance to you. I prefer to work collaboratively so I am comfortable working with a variety of professionals including psychiatrists, nutritionists, coaches, educational therapists and other individual or couples therapists. In the event that I am not the right fit, I'll be happy to refer you to someone else who may be able to help.

Ali Borden, LMFT: 310.845.5440