About Ali Borden, LMFT


I have been working in the field for over 15 years, seeing individuals, couples and families, developing treatment programs, training therapists and speaking all over the world on how to help people improve their lives. I have a particular interest in how to help develop motivation when people are ambivalent about change.


Problems would be easy to overcome if they were simply bad or good. I know from experience in my own life and from listening to clients for many years that the things we struggle with are challenging because we are pulled in many directions at the same time. We want to get enough sleep but we also want to watch one more episode on TV.  Choices in life are always harder to make than they first appear and what we choose has many effects that play out over time in ways we did and didn't intend. Clients often say: "I know on one level that I don't want this (action/habit), but at the same time, for some reason I keep repeating the same thing." Because choices often pull at different parts of ourselves, and different desires, patterns are often harder to change than we realize. But these ruts, these places of indecision, these sites of complexity, can be used in therapy to tell us more about ourselves and become opportuites for inspiration and change. 


I want to help people identify habits and problems that get them off-track in their lives and help them work toward the life they dream of. I work with clients to help them manage their emotions in the moment so they can make clearer choices. I help people to better understand when they want to say no and when they want to say yes and to develop better communication so they can share this with the ones they love. I help people align their values and their preferences with their actions.

My Approach

My approach to therapy is very conversational—you will not feel like you are the only one doing the talking (or the work)!  While you share what is on your mind I will ask questions to help clarify what you are striving for and what is standing in your way. Often people feel like they already know what they do and why they do it but they still can’t seem to do anything else. In our sessions we will look at things from different angles, uncovering overlooked skills, offering up new possibilities and connecting you to your motivation for change. It is a non-blaming approach which separates you from what you are struggling with and seeks to name skills, abilities, commitments and values that can support you take steps toward what you prefer and reduce the influence of the problems that plague you.

Special thanks to Paolo Riveros for headshot photography.

Ali Borden, LMFT: 310.845.5440