Couples Counseling

Even good marriages fall prey to drifting apart, lack of communication, and arguments. Conversations that turn into debates leave both people feeling resentful, unappreciated, and misunderstood. When effective communication is difficult, it can be helpful to have an outside observer step in to bring about a sense of empathy and connection.


I specialize in helping people find ways to communicate preferences to their partner(s) and to negotiate even the toughest situations when compromise seems impossible.  I love working with complex negotiations where each member of the relationship has a differing idea about what they would prefer and help couples have conversations that bring about understanding and resolution.


I find that whether we do individual therapy or joint relationship counseling, most conversations have some aspect of how to improve the communication and understanding in the relationships in our lives.

Remarriage and Blended Families

Divorce brings many challenges. When children are involved it means a lifetime of negotiating with your previous spouse about custody schedules, financial arrangements, and differing ideas about what is best for the children. Calm conversations that seek a compromise are essential for working out these differences. A few sessions with an ex-spouse can be helpful in smoothing out the transitions between two homes.


Open communication can be even more complicated when a new partner is involved.  Being a biological parent and being a step-parent are very different and each is its own unique experience. Negotiating new rules for a household, supporting children to develop a sense of respect for the step-parent, and communicating with the ex-spouse can all be a challenge. Our therapy conversations will focus on the values inherent in your relationship and what kind of family you would like to be. 

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